Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Blog #1

May 14, 2013

My first blog. Adapt or die, they say.
With spring upon us, I am aware of the difference between living on the river and being on land. We moved at the start of winter and, living mostly indoors, the contrast was less clear. 
On the Fraser, spring would mean watching the eagles rebuild their nest high in the cottonwood tree across the river. By now, I'd be waiting for the yellow water iris on the bank behind our house to come into bloom. I will miss their glory, backlit by the afternoon sun, each May. I will also miss the swans bringing their cygnets to our back deck to be fed and the geese parading their young. It's like a sail past; all in single file with dad leading and mom bringing up the rear. I know Canada geese make an awful mess in Vancouver's parks but they are really good parents.
Here in south Surrey, spring brings different interests. For the first time in more than 20 years, we had to buy a lawn mower. Also, since the raised bed is there, I have planted a vegetable garden. Some of the radishes are almost big enough to pull and the first crop of lettuce is developing nicely. If the weather is decent this afternoon, I will take tomatoes from the greenhouse and plant them in the garden. On the floating home, I used to have three tomato plants in pots on a roof deck — two stories above "ground" level. Here, on the ground, I will have to deal with slugs, snails and heaven knows what else. Bother!
 Of course, all this gardening is taking time I would have spent at my jeweler's bench. The bench itself isn't even quite a proper bench yet but at least I managed to make a few things over the winter. This pendant is abalone with an amethyst suspended above.

It was fun to get back to making some jewery. The wee house we bought demanded quite a bit of TLC over the fall and winter. I rather like DIY flooring and painting and all but I was getting restless for something more intensely creative.
I am frustrated that sales in my etsy shop <https://www.etsy.com/shop/DixSterling> have dropped off badly year over year. Suppose I did neglect it a bit while so busy but think all the changes etsy has made could be the main reason. I may try another site like ArtFire and seee if that works better for me.
Enough for now -- it's voting day here. Duty calls.