Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More rain - new project

May 28. More rain. Indoors again

Our burst of early summer has been replaced with a normal Vancouver spring: clouds and rain. Rain and clouds. The slugs are eating my lettuce but it's too soggy out there to deal with that now.

Stuck indoors, we finally tackled the mess left when we stripped the oh-so-70s gilt-marbled tiles from our entryway.

They were quite a sight. Some clear and gilt-veined; some BLACK and gilt! Looked like entry to a tacky disco. Before we even moved in, we took them down and were left with a wall of 1980s panelling where the tiles had been and torn wallpaper below.

I had thought removing the paper would be a dreadful chore (been there; done that. In this case, it was simple and quick. Onward!

Above is the entry stripped and ready for priming and re-papering. To the right is the finished area. We used plain textured paper (we may paint it when we re-do living room) on the walls. As the area has always been quite dark, we also installed an LED light fixture. Accessing the power was simple: there was an outlet in the old wall. We opened the other side (it's in the pantry, thank goodness), faced the outlet into the pantry for the dust buster and wine cooler and mounted a light switch and outlet behind the silk flowers in the entry. Running the wires left the pantry wall looking as if a giant mouse had been at work but, heck, if someone inspects your pantry, do not invite them again!

Feeling quite smug about the entry project, I figured I had earned time at my bench. I finished the earrings I was working on and prepared them for sale on etsy. I also got the bench cleaned up (sorta, it is a work bench!) and began roughing up another pair of copper earrings.

The patina treatment these pieces got produced a range of colors from a green-gold to a brilliant red. I think they will be quite spectacular. What do you think?