Saturday, 8 June 2013

Adjusted the Triangle Dangles - June 8

I finished the second pair of copper earrings but I thought they felt too heavy. I weighed them. Yup, too heavy.

Today is grey and chilly here, so I am spared from the garden for a few hours. Perfect time to put those earrings on a diet! Pretty easy: I trimmed a slice off the dangles. The shape is a bit less dramatic but earrings no one could wear offer the wrong kind of drama: "Ouch. These are hurting my ears!"

Of course, since matter cannot be created or destroyed (Conservation of Mass?), I will use the trimmed pieces to create something new.

I repolished the triangle dangles and set up the camera to photograph them for the esty site. As etsy traffic can be slow on weekends, I will wait until Monday late afternoon to list them.

This photo shows the front (on right) and back of the final version. They now weigh about 5 grams each. Still hefty but wearable.

I think I will make up one or two more copper items but then get back to silver for a bit. I have some very lovely garnets a friend brought me from India. I really want to tube set those in silver. If the garden can manage on its own for a few hours, I'll play with some design ideas.