Monday, 17 June 2013

June 17: Progress on Two Fronts

All that work in the garden is paying off.

This is today's harvest. Will add them to some store-bought lettuce and green onions to make our lunch.

Our lettuce will be ready to start harvesting in a few more days and I think I can pull a few carrots next week. The green onions are coming along but will need a couple of weeks more, I think.

Some of the lettuce has been sampled by the resident rabbits but they seem willing to share! Happily, the numerous squirrels do not seem to fancy veggies and the cornmeal treatment seemed to get rid of most of the slug problem. I'm please about that. It's one thing to see part of your crop taken but it's just nasty to have it taken by something so darned yucky!

I did get back to my bench a few days ago and roughed up the next pair of copper earrings. The patinated copper and bright brass triangles will swing freely below the brass diamonds. They should end up fun to wear.

I'm trying to create silver rivets to hook all that up. Also have to solder posts to the back of the diamond shapes so these can be worn. The weather is supposed to turn cool and showery for a few days so I will get back to work on these. High time I added something new to