Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kyanite studs

What is kyanite, you ask? These delightful stones caught my eye many months ago. While we were moving and rennovating, they slept in my little box of stones to be set "one day". Yesterday was it ;-)

Kyanite is a blue silicate that forms in metamorphic rocks (yeah, I googled that!). It has a number of industrial uses as an abrasive and in making porcelain.

Kyanite occurs in many places but most of the high quality deposits, suitable for jewelry, are found in Switzerland and Africa.

I really love the translucent, varied blues in these oval cabs.

Below, on my charcol block, are the oval backs about to have the ear posts soldered on. The bezels (seen on the stones in center pix) are already in place. The stone on left shows the back. Quite a contrast with the polished face!

Last shot: on a sandbag, the earrings have just had the bezels burnished onto the stones. I also burnished the edges of the back plates. Maybe not essential, but I think it looks classy!