Thursday, 6 June 2013

Make way for June (What, already?)

Now I remember what I never liked about gardens. It's the gardening!

There are days when I wonder why I am not making much jewelry any more. I started on this pair of copper earrings ages ago. All the parts are there. Just need to solder on the posts and assemble the linked parts.

So, what is holding me up? Lack of interest? Shortage of solder? Missing tool? Nope. None of the above. More a case of distractions. The great weather is one problem. When you live in a place famed for its rain, sunshine is really hard to resist. But I'm sure the sun shone last June, too. I remember taking a book up to our roof deck and parking myself in a zero gravity chair to read and relax.

Oh, yeah, the roof deck. The lack of garden chores. Two hanging baskets. Four roof-top pots of geraniums and lobelia. Also, placed against a sun-catching wall, three pots of tomatoes. Clever husband had created an irrigation system that required little effort. Weeds were not a problem as each year's plants went into a new load of potting soil. Pests? Guess what? Plant-eating critters do not climb to rooftops of water-borne homes. If you hate yard work, buy a floating home.

June 2013 is a bit different. Our new home came with this 9 X 10 raised vegetable garden. It had been neglected for years so took a ton of digging to be worth planting. Finally put in radishes, three kinds of lettuce, a couple of zucchini plants and five tomato plants. When things sprouted, the real work began. Digging weeds two - three days per week. Finding ways to stop slugs from devouring the radishes, lettuce and zucchini. Thank God they do not fancy tomatoes. Crows, however, delight in pruning them. They do not seem to eat the leaves. They just pluck and dump! Sure cuts into creative time (and energy). A smart artisan would have levelled the whole thing, just put three pots of tomatoes on the patio and bought a new zero gravity chair.