Friday, 28 June 2013

Pretty Pair of Peridots

June 28 - New Earrings

For months flooring, painting and gardening ran my life. Jewelry was on a back burner but I really wanted to get some new items in my etsy shop before Christmas in July promotions start. The kyanite earrings went up a couple of days ago. On Thursday, looking through my stash of gem stones, I found a pair of bright green, square-cut peridots.

Peridot is the birthstone for August, so this seemed to be a good time to add a second pair of peridot earring to DixSterling's inventory. Since the first pair are long dangles, I wanted studs this time.

I've been doodling random shapes recently and this asymmetrical, pierced oval appealed to me as the basis for the earrings. The first photo shows the backing, prong setting and ear post assembled. The silver looks frosty white from the pickle bath I use to remove oxides that form when you solder silver.

The second picture shows the earrings after a preliminary polishing of the settings. The stones are sitting beside the earrings.

Love the bright green in these stones. The intensity of color in peridots depends upon the amount of iron content in the silicate. 

I like peridot on silver. Gold seems to my eye to be too close to the color of the stones and takes away from their impact.

The final photo shows the finished earrings with their butterfly backings.

Before taking them to my etsy photo set-up, I gave them a final polishing, then dropped them on the floor. That might sound crazy but it's a tip I picked up years ago — maybe from Jewelry Artist Magazine. The theory is, you make something and sell it. Sooner or later, the client will drop the item on the floor. Better to do it first and be sure it will withstand the shock ;-)

I did the drop and the stones stayed in the settings.

They are ready for their closeup now.