Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Abalone & Moonstone

July 24

I had to visit dentist yesterday -- what fun -- but got time after to cut out the circle for another abalone pendant. Because of the colors in this slice, I am going to pair it with a moonstone. Cool. I love moonstones.


Today, I set about creating the parts I need for the pendant.

Here, on my bench, are the elments: moonstone cab, abalone, sterling silver circle (back of pendant will be open), a mount for the moonstone and two claws that will clasp over the abalone to secure it. The top of the abalone will be held in place by the moonstone in its setting. This is very similar to a pendant now in my shop <>

The picture of the elements makes it pretty clear that abalone is frightfully hard to photograph well ;-)

Abalone slice - colors

I took a closeup of the slice of abalone (right) with better lighting so you can get a more accuate impression of the color. It is heavily flecked with green, pink and purple but the most notable feature is the pearly white trianglar bit at the bottom. That was what led me to select a moonstone as its playmate.

Time to fetch the elements out of the pickle pot. Tomorrow I'll try to start the assembly and polishing process. Well, unless the mangos I bought hit just the right degree of almost ripe. If that happens, I'll be making chutney!