Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Warm Weather Results

July 9 in the garden

If you take a look at my post from June 6, you will see the beginning of our vegetable garden. We have been getting warm, sunny weather for most of the past month. Boy, have things been growing! Despite sharing with the rabbits, we are seeing results.

The row on the right is mostly herbs in front and carrots behind (must plant more of those soon!). Moving to the left, there is lettuce: a few romaine foloowed by mised red and green leaf lettuce.
Next come the five tomato plants -- now huge -- and three sunflowers at the back. My zucchini plants are out of sight behind the tomatoes. I planted some nastursiums in the concrete blocks for color and they began blooming a few days ago. We have already harvested some lettuce and a number of giant radishes. I may get tired of this -- and the work required -- in a year or two but it's fun for now. Kinda slows the jewelry-making, though!

Thinking of trying a craft fair with a few items - trick is finding the right craft fair. Most do not want any more jewelers!