Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Let There Be LIGHT!

August 14

Young Aaron Greenaway from Super Skylights was here yesterday morning. When he left, the black hole that had been my office was glowing. It is hard to believe all that light comes from a small tube.

We are thrilled with the improvement. That is my jeweler's bench on the left. I will be seeing much better there now!

Last post, I mentioned the vegetable garden. The cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen (that's one day's harvest in the photo below).

Then there's the zucchini crop. As you can see below, I missed finding a couple when they were a civilized size. They do such a fine job of hiding under those huge leaves until they are super-sized!

I am collectiong zucchini bread recipes for the giants. Also made some yummy zucchini latkes the other day and served them topped with herbed sour cream and smoked salmon (that's a real BC hors d'oeuvre, isn't it?).

The forcast is for some clouds and showers over the next few days so maybe I can spend less time in the garden and more making jewlery. I had a query about a possible custom order based on a piece in my etsy shop. If she decides to go ahead with it, I will be happy to sit at my newly-bright work bench to create her items.

As for the zucchini - a friend mentioned driving around and tossing them through open car windows in parking lots. Hope it won't come to that!