Tuesday, 6 August 2013

LOVE books

August Long Weekend Project

Okay, I'd like to be making jewelry but we need to get our many, many books out of the house that will be turned over to new owners early in October. So, of course, IKEA to the rescue ;-)

Billy Bookcases

We ordered three of these Billy Bookcases (I often wonder how many of these they sell in a year!) and had them delivered yesterday.

IKEA has made some changes since we installed several in our previous home. Perhaps easier to assemble but I'm not thrilled with the folded backboards. There is a visible line where each of the sections joins. They are taped on the back. Wonder if that tape will hold for years to come.

Vegetable Update

The garden has gone really wild during this long spell of hot weather.  The lettuce bolted, of course, but the last of the romaine was great. We've had a couple of ripe grape tomatoes and there will be lots soon. Carrots are fairly abundant but we have not been overwhelmed by their flavor. Guess I planted the wrong variety! I'm still hoping to get some beets so now have an array of old CDs hanging directly above the row. I'm pretty sure the rabbits are feasting on the beets tops as soon as they are big enough to make a mouthful. Maybe all the moving, flashing things will keep them at bay. Why don't they go after the bolted lettuce?

Then there is the zucchini. I'm sure I need say no more than that.