Thursday, 29 August 2013


August 29

Took some time yesterday to wash and wax our dear old motor home for one final family camping trip with daughter and family.

Our Travel Home

It is a 24-foot 1984 GMC Travelaire and, despite its age, it has served us well as we explored many parts of BC and a bit of Washington and Oregon as well.

Perhaps, like its owners, the *MoHo* has aged well ;-)

Our beagle, now camping in doggy heaven, loved hopping into the MoHo and heading out on the perfect dog holiday. She insisted that Keith setup camp at each new site so she could drag me off and use her finely-tuned beagle nose to inspect every inch of the campground. If she worked it just right, Keith would have finished the hookup and had her dinner ready when we returned! Camping has not been the same since she left us.

Working Holiday!

This trip, I will try something new. I am still working on that pair of rings. They have been shaped and sized, so it is time for hours and hours of hand sanding, starting with 400 grit paper and working up to 1,000. I think I will take the rings, the sanding sticks and my jeweler's apron along and sand at the picnic bench. It will pass the time just as pleasantly as reading and move the project along as well.

To the right: sanding sticks, one of the rings, a length of tube to be reamed and cut for stone seats and my flexshaft with its 3 mm burr all ready to go. I will get the rings to a near-final polish before I solder on the tube settings as it is much easier to polish the flat surfaces and only do final touch-ups once that setting is on the ring.

Once we get home on Monday, I will start on those settings. I'm taking my time on all this polishing work because I always want custom work to be as close to perfect as I can get it. Sanding is really boring work, but it makes all the difference to the finished piece.