Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Less Garden = More jewlery

September 24

So happy to hear that the rings are being loved in their Scottish homes ;-) Postal service was pretty swift. I expected 9-10 business days but they got there in 9 days, period.

I'm doodling hearts these days for someone who is looking for a brooch as a Christmas gift. Heart designs can be a bit banal, so I'm just letting ideas drift from the pencil.

I'm fond of a couple of these ideas, especially the ones that are open. It's kind of like two hearts when you do it that way. I'm also wondering about using some copper to create a contrast.

The two on lower left would be fairly heavy gauge wire, bent to heart shape. The crossing line should make the brooch strong enough. Obviously, brooches get a lot more handling than pendants.

Each of the designs incorporates a sparkling, tube-set garnet. (Have you noticed my love affair with tube setting stones?)

If you stop by here, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these.

When not doodling, I've been trying to complete that moonstone over abalone pendant. Hard to believe that I started on it in July! That's what gardening does to productivity ;-)

Some of the parts on my bench. The moonstone is positioned in its setting to check fit, but I have not burnished the bezel onto it. There's soldering still to come.

Also (see below) lots and lots and lots of sanding to get the surfaces smooth. No delightful campground this time, though.

I will use four prongs to hold the abalone. To mount them, I'll drill holes where the prongs should sit on the backing plate. The photo on the right shows the four wire prongs and the drill I selected. Those dandy digital calipers let me measure so that the hole and the prong are a perfect fit.

Next steps will be drilling, then soldering the posts in place. After they are positioned and shaped to hold the abalone, I will solder the moonstone setting onto the piece. Final polishing, then stone setting and it will be a pendant on its was to DixSterling.etsy.com ;-)