Monday, 9 September 2013


September 9

A snail sticking with the program

That snail is on the underside of our carport canopy. I can't imagine how long it took for a snail to get up there and out to the approximate center but there he (or she) sits. All that effort to end up pretty well 10 feet off the ground and 8 feet away from any path back down. Guess we will have to do a snail rescue ;-)

I'm persevering myself today and trying to get that pair of rings finished. Here is a progress report.

Photo 1

The ring on the right just came out of the pickle pot (mild acid bath to remove soldering residue) following soldering on of the tube setting. While that one was soaking, I started the multi-step process of polishing with the ring on the left.

That is a first level polish and produces only the faintest hint of a shine. I will do a lot more polishing before I set the stones, so I need a few more hours to complete these.

Photo 2

Just a bit more polishing to go now. It is so rewarding when something starts to resemble jewelry! I will wait for morning to set the stones. Always goes best when one's eyes are fresh! I could not bear to mess these up now.

Final step, submit them for client approval. If they pass muster, package them up and off to Canada Post they go.

I hope this step-by-step has entertained and informed you.  I enjoyed posting the reports. Not sure what that snail thinks about it.