Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stone Setting 101

September 5

It was a delightful long weekend. Nice campground, great weather, our dear family to share it with. Got home Monday, emptied motor home fridge, did laundry, made dinner, done. Tuesday was eaten up with the vegetable garden. Harvested a huge bunch of cherry tomatoes and three zucchini (one stupidly large!). Wednesday, grocery shopping and appointments in town that blew most of the day.

Today, weather is back to a normal, sullen, Vancouver rain. The good news? It gets me get back to the bench to start on settings for the rings.

Topaz Time

Photo - top left: one of the rings, the length of tube (you cannot really see but it has been reamed out to receive the stone). Top right; one of the gemstones, held on a stick with a bit of adhesive putty, and the burr used to create the setting (you can see how it echoes the shape of the stone). Bottom right: jewelers' calipers to measure stone depth and an artists' compass to mark the tube so I can cut it a touch deeper than the topaz.

This is the finicky part. All that sanding was just dull, repetitive work. This stage demands care and concentration because the setting must fit the stone to perfection. Too shallow and the stone could pop out. Too deep and the setting will fold over too much of the gem's crown.

This is how these will look when they are finished. the photo shows the depth of the tube setting.

Not far to go now. Make second setting. Solder each setting to a ring. Set the stones and polish.