Monday, 21 October 2013

A Start on a Heart

Heart Brooch - Work in Progress

I've been neglecting my bench lately while we try to get my studio in working order. Today, however, we have an appointment in the city later so I did not want to get into construction clothes. Instead, I put my work apron over my city togs and started on several heart brooch designs I sketched up awhile ago.

The Traced Designs Glued to Silver

Yes, it is just that simple. I trace the sketches and use a glue stick to stick the patterns onto a sheet of sterling silver. Pretty sophisticated, huh?

I chose 20 gauge silver because, unlike a pendant,  a brooch can be subjected to quite a lot of handling. Pin it on this coat; take it off; pin it on that jacket.... You get the idea. You want a brooch to be sturdy enough that it will not bend.

Next Remarkable Tasks - Saw & File

To the left is a photo of the first of the three heart designs after I cut it out. The center is also pierced with an echo of the outline. In a sense, the brooch now represents two hearts.

I have also begun the task of filing the edges so the finished brooch will be smooth to handle. This step also removes any slight uneveness in the saw cut.

I will post more pix when I get another step or two down this path.