Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hearts Update + Studio

October 27

Seems that life keeps getting in the way of creativity but I have made some progress on the hearts project.

Hearts - Work in Progress

The sterling silver heart (top) is part way through the long sanding process. Once I get it smooth enough, I will solder the tube setting for a garnet onto the round spot I left for it in the center cutout.

The second one is a marriage of sterling silver and copper. That one is a bit more demanding due to having to file the edges so the outlines match. That they do not proves that I am less than perfect with my jeweler's saw!

The reason I have not made faster progress on these (apart from things like grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc.) is that *Ta-Da* we have been finishing the work needed to turn our shed into a shop/studio.

New Home of DixSterling

It was quite a transformation. We pretty much gutted the place (keeping only a sturdy carpenter's bench for my darling). First, we hauled out nasty old wooden shelves and miscellaneous bit of junk. Next, we installed sub-floor and peel & stick tiles over the concrete and painted the dark wood panelling. The space is MUCH brighter now. Finally, we set up a new steel shelving unit and stocked it with the stuff we need (amazing how MUCH one needs). Final triumph: put my new jeweler's bench in place and hung my corkboard above it. I am finding a lot of sore muscles today but it is more than worth a bit of pain.

Once I get all my tools and supplies moved from my office to the studio, it will be time to get really creative. I'm working on a couple of custom pieces and also want to increase my shop inventory in time for holiday shoppers.