Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Moving Day

Studio Move

Today, with the last of the shed-to-studio heavy lifting done, I started setting up my new workplace.

Here is the stripped down "bench" I was using for the last 11 months.

I will not miss that kinda flimsy kids desk. It was a stop-gap measure for sure but it did let me do some creative work. Probably kept me from going mad!

The drawers (from the little red cabinet) are waiting to join the cabinet itself in the studio. Boy, I LOVE typing studio ;-)

Next photo: the new setup. 

Just waiting handsome to come out and mount my flex-shaft on the bench.

Cabinet on right holds an array of tools (all were stuffed in a linen cupboard since we moved). Its sturdy top holds soldering station and pickle pot. For past 11 months, I have been running from office bench to shed where I could solder and pickle pieces. This will be SO much more convenient.

The little red IKEA cabinet (which has served us in various capacities for many years) holds some hand tools. Others -- the ones I use most -- are in the bench drawers. It's just PERFECT. All that is left now is to get back to work. The hearts will be finished with the new setup and... TA-DA

... the moonstones have arrived so I can start making up some of thosse ring designs I posted on October 9th. Can't wait ;-)