Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bench Work

Progress on Pair of Projects

With the bench all set up, I've been spending time on a couple of custom projects.

 Silver Heart with Stone Mount in Place

Here is the first of my Open Heart brooches with the tube mount for the stone soldered to the body of the brooch. I was not happy with the garnet I tried earlier, so I went into my "stash" to seek a better option

What a Pretty Stone

Look what I found! Love the deep, rich red of this glorious garnet. At the moment, it is just sitting in the setting. I can't actually set it until I add the pin and pin catch to the back (kind of essential for a brooch!). When that is done, the piece will need lots of polishing time. Setting the stone is the last phase.

I think it will be quite lovely. Once I finish this one, I have a couple more open hearts to work up.

Project Two - a Ring

I'm also working on a moonstone ring. This photo shows the planned layout.

First, I cut the ring blank from 18 gauge sterling and filed and sanded it, paying special attention to the edges. That's the boring part of making any piece of jewelry and every piece requires a lot of filing, sanding and polishing. Dull work but utterly essential.

Below: and now it's a ring. Well, sort of. It wants rounding up on a steel mandrel next. Can you tell I'm loving my new bench? After a year of being hunched over a student desk, I'm sure my spine is enjoying it, too!