Sunday, 3 November 2013

First heart Shaping Up

New Bench Working Well

Been housebound (a bit of essential painting) for a couple of days but got out to my new bench this morning. Went back to work on the heart brooches.

The first one, all silver, is farthest along. Here is a photo of the pierced heart shape, a garnet stone and the tubing that will form the stone setting. I annealed the metal this morning and gave it a soak in the pickle pot -- hence the chalky look of the silver. That will polish off later.  I also reamed out a setting in the end of that piece of sterling silver tube. For more on that process, see my September 5th blog: Stone Setting 101. Once the setting is perfect, I will cut it from the tube and solder it to the heart.

That garnet is paler than I remembered; almost pink. I may look about for one the same size but a deeper red. This one might do better on one of the silver and copper hearts. I will get them farther along the process before I try it with them.

Gosh, the sun is almost down already. Comes as such a shock at first when the time changes. The good news is that I can walk earlier in the mornings again ;-)