Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Two Day Wonder

It felt as if we were in the "two homes, no money" world forever. Finally, down to one home and most of the renovations done, we drove down to Cannon Beach Oregon for a too-short getaway.

Pure Luxury

Checked into a very comfortable room at the Surfsand Resort. It was dark when we arrived but the Pacific Ocean really does exist a stone's throw from those windows.

Pure Beauty

I won't try to explain why this place feeds my soul; I'll show you.

The two on the left of this photo are The Needles. The monolith in photo below is Haystack Rock.

Below that, sunset here on Tuesday night.

And, in case you think this is only for fun ;-) I am including a shot of one of the many patterns wind and waves carve in the sand. For a jeweler, this is pure inspiration. Sadly, I do not think our tax department will let me write expenses off!
Home tomorrow, refreshed and ready to hammer some silver ;-)