Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ring Again

November 26 - Moonstone Again

I have been making progress on the custom orders at last. The Open Heart Brooch is now a private listing in my etsy shop. New etsy twist -- even I cannot see it in Shop View. Sure hope the buyer can!

With that off my bench, I am working on the second moonstone ring (you may remember that the first one was a bit off-center).

Try a Different Technique

It was annoying that the bezel and one of the silver balls slipped off centre on the first try. I thought it might be because I rounded the ring first. Pretty easy for something to slide on flowing solder if it is sitting on a curved surface.  This time, (see photo), I soldered the elements on first. Doing it this way means I had to be very careful with hammering the ring into a circle. Sure didn't want to smash that dainty setting! You can see how well lined up everything is here.

By golly, it worked!

The photo on the right shows the completed circle. The red stains are from yellow ochre. Yeah, I know, but it goes on yellow. The heat changes it. Heat changes lots of things. Couldn't make jewelry if it didn't! Anyway, the yellow ochre painted all around the well-soldered elements kept them from moving while I soldered the join on the ring shank. Solder will not flow unless the metal is super clean.

At this stage, the moonstone is just sitting there. I will not set it until I have washed off the yellow ochre and done most of the polishing.

I  think it will be very pretty once I get it gleaming. Hope the woman who wants it will think so, too. It is a "gift to self" but I still want to get it to her in time for the holidays.