Sunday, 17 November 2013

Slow But Sure

November 17

Jewelry progress has been slow -- too many interruptions with tradespeople working on the house. So glad that we are almost done with the rennos. Flooring, carpeting, kitchen counters.... endless but it all looks good.

The Heart - Ready for Its Garnet

I thought this would be finished and listed on my shop <> as a custom order last week. Flooring & carpet caused some delay. My caution caused the rest. The tricky bit on this piece is setting the stone. It was hand faceted in India and, while beautiful, it is not an absolutely perfect circle. To get it properly into that tube setting, I started with a stone setting burr on my flexshaft machine. That reamed out the basic setting shape. Now I am working very carefully with hand tools to adjust the top to get a proper fit for the stone. It must slip in there neatly with just enough silver showing above it -- all the way around -- to allow pressing a rim over the stone's girdle to hold it fast. This is a custom piece for special clients so I am happy to spend all the time it takes to make sure that stone will stay put for many, many years.

My Other Custom Project

I got some moonstones from a supplier recently to fill a request for a ring. I've been muddling along with it along with the heart (and a couple of other items). It's good to have more than one project on the bench. I'm not the most patient person you ever met ;-) so I'm apt to try to move too fast if I only have one thing on the go. Never a good idea. Things just need to sit in the pickle pot for awhile so they will be clean enough for the next step.

So, yesterday, I actually thought I would get the ring finished. Yeah, right.

It was only when I got the setting burnished onto the stone that I realized what had happened. It may not be obvious in this photo, but the bits  slipped a little when the solder flowed. If you look really closely, you should be able to see that the stone does on align straight across the ring. As well, one of the silver balls is a touch of kilter. 

I guess this one will be mine. I acquire quite a bit of jewelry because of these technical glitches!

We are away for a few days next week, then I will be back to the bench with another of those moonstones. The client will get a ring that is -- as far as handmade allows -- perfect. When the elements are properly aligned, I think it will be very pretty.