Saturday, 14 December 2013

December 14

Wee Heart Project

I finally got to work on the tiny heart pendant a few days ago. My plan was for something very simple and I think I have achieved that.

As always, I started by annealing the metal to make it workable. I also stamped my mark into the back.

Photo: Face of Pendant

I filed and sanded the edges, then burnished them smooth. Next, I hammered the heart into a slight dome and used the round end of a small ball peen hammer to create a subtle pattern drifting across the face from upper right to lower left.

With the shaping done, I soldered a ring to the back. I set it on one of the lobes to allow the heart to ride at a slight angle.  I have tried it out on several chains and have found that, the longer the chain, the more the heart wants to flip over. Bothersome. I wonder if hanging it from silk ribbon would eliminate that problem. Before I list it for sale, I may try that -- oh, oh; back to Michaels!

I was really pleased with how this project turned out. It is a dainty item and, while anyone could wear it, I think it would be especially suitable for a young girl. The little heart is 5/8 inches across and about 1/2 inch high.

I am thinking that it would be great for a flower girl, on a ribbon to match the bridesmaids dresses.  Could make larger versions for the bridesmaids, too? Hmmm. Planning for 2014 now.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a very happy or merry whatever-you-may-celebrate in December and a really wonderful 2014.