Saturday, 7 December 2013

Decmber 7

Back to the Bench

With the kitchen finished at last, I got back to the shop and went to work on the other moonstone ring. Because I had set the moonstone, I could not solder the silver ball back on. Prying the stone out of that dainty setting was way too risky. Although lovely, moonstones are somewhat delicate and it is easy to scratch or chip them. First step was to make another ring for the client -- I finished that a few days ago and it is winging its way to her.
Seeking a way to rescue the damaged ring, I went back to my original sketches (above). Although the one at the lower left featured a round stone, I felt the layout would work equally well with an oval stone. All I had to do was pull the remaining silver ball off (a bit tricky, but pulling and twisitng it with pliers worked) then drill pilot holes and use very small files to create the triangular shapes I wanted to frame the stone.

New Version

This photo shows the finished ring. I photographed it on a candle to get it to face the camera for its close-up ;-)

I am quite pleased with how this came out (especially as I did not want to have to toss the silver and the stone!)

Variation on the old saying: I suppose this is a jeweler's way of making lemonade, isn't it?

Next Up

I was so pleased with the ring that I immediately went back to work on one of the Open Heart designs. This one was for a mixed metal pendant.
I sweat-soldered the copper and sterling hearts together some time ago. Yesterday, to complete this design, I soldered on a tube setting for a 3 mm amethyst and drilled the other side of the heart to accommodate a ring of square sterling wire. Now it's all ready to thread on a chain and decorate someone's dress or sweater.

I have a small sterling heart still sitting on the bench. There will be news of it sometime next week.