Saturday, 21 December 2013

Making a List

December 20 - Getting Ready

The Vancouver area got a pre-Christmas snowfall last night. The quality of the snow in this part of the world is kinda pathetic - wet and heavy. Driving or walking on it is a bit like trying to negotiate a large bowl of porridge -- but it is sort of pretty!


What a huge change from the photo of this garden last summer (May 17 post).

I had already made plans for a day of Christmas baking, so no need to venture out among the drivers trying it with summer tires!

Welcome to my home

Front door is just there on the right. Come in from the cold and join in the fun.

The kitchen is all set up and ready to go. Today, we will be making sugar-dusted pecan balls, shortbread, Swedish pastry balls (I do not know if they are of Swedish origin or not but they are yummy) and carrot pudding. These are all things from my childhood and I really enjoy making them.

The new kitchen is such a pleasure to work in - lots of light and space. Much as I loved our floating home, I admit the galley was a bit on the small side!

Pecan balls

Butter ready for creaming; sugar, flour and chopped pecans standing by. These are easy to make and husband-tested for taste.

Mix it all up then get a bit messy shaping the dough into small balls.

Ready for the oven

All lined up (well, one is making a break for it) and ready to bake.

About 13 - 15 minutes at 350 gets them done. While they are still warm, you roll them in confectioners sugar (carefully; they are very delicate before they cool). After they cool, you roll them again (no wonder my husband likes them!).

Here is the finished product. That pound of butter behind is about to become shortbread.

Mission Accomplished

Late afternoon: two kinds of cookies cooling on the counter, batch of shortbread in the oven and the carrot puddings steaming on my wonderful new stove.

Now I think we should pour ourselves some coffee and maybe even sample a cookie.

Thanks for coming by. I hope you had as much fun as I did.