Friday, 6 December 2013

New Kitchen

Ready for Christmas Cooking Now

The blog has been pretty silent but for a very good reason. We finally got around to finishing the kitchen renovations.


Here is the kitchen as it looked when we bought the house in July 2012. I found this very dated and a bit stark. Also feared possible death of frridge and stove (both dated from early 1980s).

Before we even moved in, I did a multi-coat refinishing of the cabinets, making the look much warmer. We also removed the bi-fold doors on the laundry area (they did not even open wide enough to let you get the dryer door fully open!) and painted the walls. A set of baskets to hold laundry and cleaning supplies eliminated any visual need for those doors.

After that, we waited for our previous home to sell, freeing up funds. This fall, we invested in new fridge and stove so the cook (me) is much happier now. Even more recently, we found someone to re-surface counters with new laminate, hiding forever that never-quite-clean orange.


Same room today. Really love cooking here now, so traditional Christmas Eve party will be a happier event for me this year.