Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Back to the Bench at Last

January -- More Hearts

With the house in good order at last, I returned to my bench and took up the hearts project again. I liked the wee heart pendant (see December 14) so much that I thought a matching pair of earrings would be a nice item to add to my shop.

On the Charcoal Block

This picture shows how they looked after I soldered on the ear posts and treated them in the pickle. Not very appealing!

Boy, that is a well-used piece of charcoal. The stuff is frightfully expensive, so I make a block last as long as possible, Luckily, a block remains useful even when it looks this dreadful.

Charcoal does a great job of absorbing the heat from the torch. You just have to remember to make sure it is dead cold before you leave the studio! It can smolder for a long, long time. I keep a spray bottle of water beside my soldering station so I can give the block a good drenching before I shut down for the evening.

Pretty Pair

Polishing, polishing, polishing and those dull blobs become brilliant.

Got them in front of the camera just before the light went. Although I add a fill light (you can see the tiny LED light reflected to the left of the earrings), I try to shoot with natural light whenever possible. I like the look better and it saves hauling out and setting up the photo floods. That is a job I really do not enjoy!

All I have to do now is write up a blurb about these and list them in my shop tomorrow morning.