Friday, 14 February 2014

Artistic Efforts

February 14 - No Valentine for Patrick Chan

Just watched the Men's Free Skate. That Olympic Curse still clings to Patrick Chan like glue. The opportunity was there but he just couldn't grab it. Actually, the whole skate was a bit disappointing - not one skater laid out a great performance. Perhaps, with all the pressure to land huge jumps, it is getting impossible to skate clean in a 4-minute outing. The short programs were much better.

It got me thinking about artistry in general and the failure you have to court in any artistic activity. Play safe and it gets pretty boring. Take risks, you are bound to take a creative tumble or two (or more) but you stand the chance of advancing your art.

I'm just glad I can leave my failures on the bench where nobody has to see them. I have crashed on many, many of my "quads".