Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February 26

For Your Ears Only

I sold a pair of earrings on etsy the other day so thought I'd make a new pair or two to restock my shop. With a lot of snow still hanging around, there will be no tidying of the shrubs anytime soon anyway, so it's good to get to the bench for a few days.

I decided to start with a pair of round studs.

Doubled It

Plain round studs are pretty boring, so I elected to double them up. The end result is more three dimensional than the photo shows. I cut four circles and stacked them with a small bit of 16 gauge square wire between to add depth.

Finally, I gave the back circles a satin finish – using a brass brush and a wee bit of soap. I brought the upper circles to a mirror-polish so the contrast (a bit hard to see here) is very pleasing.

That garnet ring in the background is a prototype and suffered a few minor flaws during fabrication. Another item for my excessively large collection of "not good enough to sell" jewelry. I may need a larger jewelry box soon!

Loop the Hoop

With more than an hour of working time left, I took a couple of 16 gauge wire rings that were left over from making a bracelet and re-shaped them as earrings.

It was a pretty simple task. I straightened one end of the wire then sawed it to a suitable length. I soldered a sterling earring post to that end and smoothed off the free end.

I wanted to add a bit of texture to these. That was easily accomplished with the riveting end of the hammer in the photo. I laid the rings flat, one side then the other, on the anvil then worked the outside of the hoops over the round part of the anvil.

I think, although nothing exceptional, each pair is really quite pleasing. Simple, classic silver earrings.
I spent another hour taking photographs and writing up the descriptions so I can list these tomorrow morning.