Sunday, 23 February 2014

Let the Games Be Done

February 23 - I've Been Awed by Athletes for Days and Days and Days

With so much to watch from Sochi, it has been really hard to get any work done. I think we enjoyed it more because it the Games were here fours years ago. It gives you a different appreciation of the event. When the Russian bear at today's closing blew out the flame and shed one big tear, I knew how he felt. It's hard to say goodbye when you have been immersed in the magic of excellence.

Meanwhile, Back on the West Coast

Where have all the flowers gone? 

We woke up this morning to news that Canada had the Men's hockey gold medal. Happy about that. Opened the curtains. Not happy about that.

It looked even worse before I went out and shook several inches of snow off those cedar shrubs. I know we are so much better off winter-weather-wise than most of the continent but this is so not Wet Coast weather for late February.

Oh, well, I see the plow out there now and do not really need to go anywhere anyway ;-)

And, Out in the Studio

When there was neither skating, nor skiing, nor hockey to distract me, I went to work on this tiny pair of garnet studs. In photo above, they are sitting on my bench after polishing. In the photo to right, you can see that my darling built me a rack so my pliers can live atop the bench instead of in a drawer. This makes is so much easier to lay hands on the right pair. Shop is shaping up.

To the right, one of the photos I took so I can list these studs in my etsy shop tomorrow.

These sterling silver studs measure just a touch more than 1/4 inch across and the stones are 3mm.

They are tiny but quite charming. I think they would be great for a young girl – maybe a flower girl gift?

I really must get doing more bench work. I belong to the Creative Jewellers Guild of British Columbia and the Guild is hosting an artisan jewellery show and sale next Mothers Day (info at: I need to increase my inventory before that. Just hope the winter wonderland moves on soon as it is not such fun to need snow boors to go to the studio!

P.S. spell checker is scolding me for jewelllery. Sorry, but it's the Canadian spelling so it's the Guild's spelling ;-)