Friday, 28 March 2014

Colored Copper & Brass

Raku Finishes

I spent much of yesterday working with copper and brass. I wanted to make the butterfly brooch in brass and a pair of earrings in copper. I also wanted to give both a Raku treatment to see what color effects I could get.

Let There Be Color

I treated the copper dangles to a second "cooking" among the pine needles to increase the brilliance of the reds that came forth.

Here are the elements on my bench, along with the brass butterfly.

Because the effects are created by heat, you cannot solder the parts after the treatment. The solution for the earrings was to pierce the elements and link them to the shepherd hooks with jump rings. I hand wound and cut the rings from copper wire.

I had to solder the pin back to the butterfly before the heat treatment. More on that another day.

Ready to Go

Here are the finished earrings — summer jewelry for sure. These measure 2 1/2 inches from the top of the shepherd hooks and would work well with summer tops or dresses but would probably snag on winter's turtle neck sweaters!

I will get the write-up done over the weekend and list them in my etsy shop on Monday.