Saturday, 8 March 2014

International Face of etsy

Mapped my Sales Locations

Yesterday, just for fun, I went back through my etsy sales and used a National Geographics app to map the places my jewelry has gone to. Kinda cool to see it. Not sure it proves anything, except that my creations do not seem to appeal to the folks in the midwest USA. Big hole in the center of North America!

There are a lot of jewelry makers who complain about how hard it is to attract views and sales on etsy. That's true, but it does give me access to a world-wide marketplace and that is pretty cool.

 I just realized that this map is short one marker. Years ago, a piece sold in a shop here and it was sent as a birthday gift to a woman in Argentina (no, NOT Evita!).

The second of two items is currently en route to a customer in Adelaide, Australia. Boy, that's a long, long journey! Sure hope it gets there safely. Enough of this. Time to get back to my bench. Two pair of earrings and a seriously fancy necklace underway there.