Thursday, 3 April 2014

April 3 -- SOLD

Two Bracelets Found a Home

On Wednesday, I had to attend a meeting. The Creative Jewellers Guild of British Columbia is hosting an Artisan Jewellers Show & Sale on May 11 at Vancouver's beautiful VanDusen Botanical Garden <>. (And, for my American friends, those two Ls may look odd, but it's the Canadian spelling).

To my delight, I got home to find that a woman in Texas had purchased two bracelets from my etsy shop. One is a simple chain with a T-bar toggle clasp (below, left).

The second is a double link — sometimes called a "wriggle chain" bracelet.

For both, I began by winding a suitable gauge sterling wire on a round mandrel, then cutting through the resulting spiral. This produces the rings that make up the bracelets.

I use a pair of chain-nose jewelers' pliers to twist the rings open, weave them together as the pattern requires, then twist them again to close them.

The toggle on the simple chain was purchased but I handcrafted the one for the more complex bracelet. I really like something being ALL handmade by me whenever feasible.

It's always a thrill to box up my creations and ship them off to various destinations. Of course, with that Show and Sale coming up next month, I had better get busy making some more bracelets! This time, I will take some photos so you can see the process.