Friday, 11 April 2014

Gem Show Weekend

April 11 - Bench work + BC Gem Show

Hate being in when it turns warm and sunny but I've got a couple of projects on my bench and they have been calling me.

Design for a turquoise pendant. I want to reticulate the silver backing and that will take some time. I have a nice piece of silver that I can use. I'll do the reticulation first because it's very hard to control the process once you cut the item out.

A Run to Abbotsford for the BC Gem Show

I took a bit of time off to grab some pieces and my camera and go to the Exhibition Park at Abbotsford on Thursday to help set up the Creative Jewellers Guild display.

This is a photo of part of the club's display. Certainly a lot of talent in this group. The abalone pieces on  the right are mine but others sure outshine them. The show runs through Sunday, April 13.