Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday, Monday

Random Moments and a Rant

I think I will start with the rant and get it over with. For the past several years, Canada Post has charged me a bit more than $7.50 to ship a small jewelry box in a padded 6 by 9 inch envelope to the USA. I went to print a shipping label today and the cost is now — take a deep breath — $16.03. I've added a bit to my shipping costs but if I posted the real rate I doubt I'd ever make another sale. I am STEAMING but, of course, quite helpless to fix it. I must take some of the lower-priced items out of my etsy shop as shipping them now would result in a loss.

Moving On

I've been back at my bench, woking on that turquoise pendant.

Here is the reticulated silver cut out, with the paper pattern partly removed. Above it is the turquoise cab and its silver bezel.

I'd almost forgotten how much I love the look of reticulated silver and I think it will be fabulous with the turquoise.

At this point, I have soldered the bail to the top of the diamond shape and the bezel to the face. The small hole you see inside the bezel will let me push the stone out, if necessary, until I burnish the bezel onto it. Sometimes, the top of a bezel needs to be lightly sanded and you can't do that with the cabochon in place.

I'm hoping to get a couple of household chores done early this afternoon so I can set the stone. I'm also excited to make some more chains — got a new supply of sterling wire today!

Rehearsing for the Mother's Day Show & Sale

I've never done craft fair or other "face to face" selling before so I'm both excited and nervous about trying it out at VanDusen Botanical Garden on Mother's Day. I spent part of the weekend playing around with possible arrangements. The blue paper in the earring stand will be replaced with a simple black paper sheet. I find it hard to see the earrings if the stand is left open — your eye just sort of misses them.

Enjoy Monday, friends. I'm off to shop and then try to set that turquoise.