Friday, 9 May 2014

Busy Mothers Day for Me

Artisan Jewellers Show & Sale Sunday

This will be a first for me. I've never tried a craft fair or farmer's market for selling my jewelry before (BTW, Spell Check, two Ls are the Canadian spelling). I guess I got brave because this event is hosted by the Creative Jewellers Guild of BC, so I will be among friends, not total strangers. Now, of course, I'm getting nervous ;-(

Items Ready To Go

Having never done it, I am discovering that "live" selling involves some tasks not required when selling on etsy. First, because my etsy prices are in US dollars, I have to convert to Canadian. I am rounding up or down to achieve even dollar amounts to handwrite on a tiny price tag for each. Next, every piece gets polished with a silver cloth and slipped into a new plastic baggie so nothing gets scratched in transit. I'm almost done with pendants and bracelets. Still have many pairs of earrings to polish, mount on earring cards and apply price tags. After all this, I sure hope a few items sell!

Work in Progress

A charming repeat customer recently asked if I could make her a pair of textured, oxidized, half-hoop earrings. I started with a copper prototype (see blog of May 5). Now, I'm working on the sterling silver pair.

First Step

To the left are the silver bars. I cut them from sterling sheet, filed and sanded the edges, then hammered them to get the texture.

I posted the photo in an etsy convo to be sure these had enough texture to please her. With that established, it was time to solder on posts, then shape the half-rounds. The pickle left them with that milky finish. Today, I will polish them, do the oxidizing treatment, then polish the resulting black off the high parts of the texture.