Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May 14

Mothers Day and Beyond

My Display

I was a bit uneasy about taking a table at the Artisan Jewellers Show & Sale on Mothers Day. Had no idea what might happen.

So ...
the good news is, I quite enjoyed the day. The bad news is, I did not make even one sale. Ah, well.

The other good news is that it was a fun event. It appears most people enjoyed it and quite a few vendors made sales. Perhaps the Guild will host this event again next Mothers Day!

I was pretty busy getting set up for the show, and putting everything away again after, but I did finish the custom order earrings and shipped them off yesterday. Now I want to get back to that agate brooch but-- with summer weather happening here -- a few other things also want my attention.

Projects Galore

1. Veggies
The vegetable garden is finally underway. April was too cool and way to damp to get much done but a few dry days here and there let me turn the soil and dig in line and mushroom "compost". Jeesh, when we had the horses, we called it mushroom manure!

A couple of days ago, it got dry enough for a final tuning and raking. All that has been much easier than last spring when the garden had seen no attention for several years. Now, if the local bunnies will just let things get well started....

2. Patio to Be

We also got a couple of orphan cedar hedge shrubs (assume they were once part of the hedge to the left in photo) removed last week. Once we get those dreadful stumps out and level the ground (no small task), we can create a nice patio of paving blocks to extend the available seating area for summer. There are times I really wish I was ten years younger!

I guess, as the weather is supposed to shift to damp on the weekend (why does it do that?), I guess I can get back to the bench and the agate on Saturday.