Friday, 2 May 2014

Spring Chores

More Chores = Less Jewelry!

The Vancouver area got two days of real summer weather this week. I realized that I had better turn the soil in the veggie garden now or it will be too late to plant anything this year. I have mixed feelings about that garden. It's a lot of work but the fresh veggies are great. Also, if I don't dig and plant, it will just be an ugly weed factory.

That said, my aching arms, legs and back so miss life on the river.
Three potted tomato plants, a few hanging baskets and pots of flowers took so little time and effort.

On the other hand, this sure looks better — and was way less work — than last spring when the raised bed had been abandoned to nature for three or four years. That took about five afternoons of digging, weeding, digging, weeding, etc.  This time, I think a second light working will get it ready for planting. I also got a head start: the rhubarb is flourishing as is the sage. I also have a couple of volunteer green onions that survived the winter.

Time to Lanscape

Spring also brought renewed determination to increase our space for sitting outdoors. We turned the end of the driveway — near the wee shop — into a patio but space was limited by a pair of hedging cedars that sat apart from their mates. They looked stilly and blocked plans to enlarge the patio. This morning, a local gardener delivered his hard-working crew, In short order, they dispatched the offending shrubs and trimmed an overly-ambitious laurel as well. Best of all, they took all that mess away when they left!

Leaves us with lots of work to do but we now have room to do it. Stand by for further developments with this project. We need to pull out those roots (nice that, as they were in an ersatz planter, the roots are pretty much above ground). We got rid of one like these last summer without too much labor.

Once the roots are gone, we will replace all that gravel with sand and install paving blocks level with the existing concrete. Hope to have that done in time to relax there with a cold drink come the hot days of July and August!

Jewelry Not Forgotten

I am sort of glad the weather is to turn damp again for the next few days as I am working up a pair of textured hoop earrings for a super client. I've made a prototype in copper but she wants more texture so I've just hammered this sheet of silver with a bigger hammer.

While the rains come down over the weekend, I will cut two strips from this, bend them into 3/4 hoops (similar in shape to these in my etsy shop Final step will be to cut and attach sterling silver ear posts.