Saturday, 10 May 2014


Progress on the Silver Half Hoops

Black oxidation added and partly removed by sanding.

Process is easy enough -- the chemical is painted on (or, if you want to oxidize the whole piece, you can dip it). Next, rinse, rinse, rinse. After that, you start removing some of the black with fine sandpaper.

Once you have taken away enough, you use a steel burnisher to bring up a shine on the revealed silver.

I'm working with the customer to achieve exactly the amount of oxidation she wants. It's quite easy to add (or remove) the patina. A bit painstaking, but not exactly brain surgery ;-) Actually, the most difficult thing is to get a really good photograph!

Another view

I really think these shots look darker than the earrings are to the eye. It is so hard to get the light just right for communicating with a client.

Our Artisan Show and Sale is tomorrow. Once that is behind me, I will try to get better photos (the light is supposed to be getting brighter, too).

I made another pair of earrings today but have not taken any pix (camera battery wanted feeding!). If they do not find a home tomorrow, I'll get them set up for etsy.