Wednesday, 18 June 2014

June 18

Why Does Everything Take SO Long?

I started sketching up some jewelry a couple of weeks ago but life got in the way (doesn't it always?).

First, there were the dining room cabinets. Since the upper cabinets were the last significant bit of indoor work, I decided to get them finished. Like so much of this house, they were made of 1970s fake panelling. So outdated (and dark).

An End to Fake Panelling at Last

The doors are almost five feet high, so painting them indoors was not going to happen. Instead, I set up sawhorses in the carport and painted them there.

While each coat on each door was drying, I painted the cabinet frames. Earlier, we had taken a pair of contractor mirrors we neither needed nor wanted and had a local glass company cut them to fit the backs of the cabinet sections. That made the cabinet interiors much brighter.

So Much Nicer, Don't You Think? 

Our dining room was a bit of a dark hole when we moved in. Much better now.

It's really wonderful what you can do with a couple of coats of paint ;-)

The veggie garden demanded the next day or two -- weeding weather is upon us, I fear. Good things are growing, too, mind you. We are now enjoying our own Romaine lettuce and tasty radishes. We need lots more heat to get the cherry tomatoes going but we should get that soon.

Jewelry at Last

A pair of triangle earrings are taking shape. I will set these ones swinging -- perfect to wear with summer dresses.

The plume agate is a treasure I've had in my stash for months. I'm working up a design to try to do it justice.

The sketch beside it is for a moonstone ring. I meant to have it done and in my etsy shop in time for people looking for June birthday gifts but, well, you know — life got in the way!