Saturday, 12 July 2014

July 13

Solder Station and Ring 

I have the world's BEST husband. Despite 86°F in the shop, he finished installing the vent at my soldering station. Much safer than the filter-equipped fan I've been using (and much better than having to limit amount of time I can spend soldering).

Moonstone Ring Done

Inspired by the new and improved bench, I polished that moonstone ring I was sanding the other day.

I was able to enjoy a summer breeze while sanding, but I had to brave the hot box to polish the ring and set the stone.

Here it is on the bench with my stone setting tools. I am reasonably satisfied with how it turned out.

Tomorrow, I will do my shop work early and retire to the house later to take the ring photos. I'll wait for Monday morning -- and maybe better traffic on etsy -- to list it.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hot Weather Beanch

July 10

It has been pretty hot here for the past few days. We are trying to extend our patio area but all that digging is hard.

One Can Always Adapt to a Situation

Today, once the afternoon got too warm for all that patio effort, I decided to do a bit of bench work.

I stepped into the shop and realized it was way too warm in there, too. Time for a creative approach. So I picked up the moonstone ring I had been working on, grabbed my sanding sticks and went out to the garden.

Here is my "summer" work bench. No way a glass patio table would do for soldering but one sitting in the shade of a cedar hedge provided the perfect spot for a lot of sanding.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Jewelry on the Move

Two Sales  to Celebrate

Did those new photos inspire buyers? I posted the new photo (left) of this double links bracelet a couple of days ago.

It went in the mail yesterday — to grace someone's wrist in the eastern USA.

This morning — Canada Day — I had just gone out for my morning walk when my iPhone emitted that distinctive etsy sale alert: "ca-ching".

Two sales in three days; that is a first for sure!

A Long Trip Ahead

This cocktail ring was created by lost-wax casting the ring itself then soldering on the bezel and setting the square amethyst cabochon. A touch of black highlights the grooves in the table of the ring.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Canada Post to ship this one to the Faroe Islands. That is quite a journey. Only a few items that went to Australia have traveled farther.