Saturday, 12 July 2014

July 13

Solder Station and Ring 

I have the world's BEST husband. Despite 86°F in the shop, he finished installing the vent at my soldering station. Much safer than the filter-equipped fan I've been using (and much better than having to limit amount of time I can spend soldering).

Moonstone Ring Done

Inspired by the new and improved bench, I polished that moonstone ring I was sanding the other day.

I was able to enjoy a summer breeze while sanding, but I had to brave the hot box to polish the ring and set the stone.

Here it is on the bench with my stone setting tools. I am reasonably satisfied with how it turned out.

Tomorrow, I will do my shop work early and retire to the house later to take the ring photos. I'll wait for Monday morning -- and maybe better traffic on etsy -- to list it.