Saturday, 2 August 2014

August 2

Been a Busy Summer

Okay, I know I've been pretty silent of late but not without cause. These photos tell the story.

 All that gravel was awfully dull to look at and left our yard seeming like part of the street.

Early in the spring, we hung those baskets to provide some color.

A little later, we brought in these 5-6 foot cedars and had them potted and arranged alongside the planter we built last summer. Not total privacy, but much better.

It was beginning to look decent.

Landscaping - Lots of Landscaping

The photo to the right was taken in June. The plants were still a bit on the small side.

We had been using the end of the driveway as a patio but it was not big enough so we had a stray cedar shrub removed and set about building a proper patio to expand it.

Above: root ball waiting for removal.

Right: our new patio ;-)

The wheelbarrow is a give-away. We still have to finish installing about 3 feet of pavers for the walkway in front of the shop.

This area is great in the morning and evening but can be awfully hot in the afternoons. The second, paler, umbrella marks an area where that cedar hedging offers a shady nook.

Cutler's Cool Corner

The chairs and table on the grass give us a spot that is about 10 degrees cooler than the paved patio. Ever so welcome on hot days.

To make it seem even cooler, we sprang for this charming fountain. It is really restful to sit and listen to it chime and gurgle.

Oh, just one more thing: summer brings us four birthdays and two wedding anniversaries. Busy, busy, busy!