Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Late Summer

So Much To Do

Wow, past the middle of August already. This has been one of Vancouver's very rare endless summers but it still seems to be coming to an end too soon. All those end of summer things are piling up around my ankles, knees, thighs....

1. The Garden

The hanging baskets are getting kinda ratty (despite daily watering and weekly feeding). I guess the cooler nights are hard on them but I will not knit them little sweaters. The flowers in the planter are doing better but deadheading the geraniums and petunias is becoming a boring chore ;-)

The vegetable garden has become a jungle. That Indigo Sky tomato (see August 8) is still climbing. The arugula bolted weeks ago and I really should uproot it. I also need to harvest a bunch more tomatoes plus radishes and carrots.

And, just when I thought I'd get around to all that, in came. . .

canning peaches!

So far, there are 13 jars on the counter and I have enough on the table to double that. The Big Guy doesn't think that will be enough (okay, he really likes peaches).

Just before the peaches hit the local market, I finished a couple of pieces of jewelry ;-)

2. Jewelry: Plain Can Be Perfect

The ring is a plain hammered silver band - no overlays or stones. I really like the simplicity.

Shield Pendant

The pendant is another of my colored copper experiments – this one shaped somewhat like a shield. I love cooking the copper elements, then pulling them from the smoldering needles and leaves to see what colors have come forth. This one is shot with golds, greens and browns.

The business of designing cold connections for these pieces is challenging. Here, I knew I wanted a tapered bar of reticulated sterling to rise high enough for a hidden bail. I finally elected to pierce the copper near the bottom of the shield and thread the tip of the silver through. At the top, I drilled both elements and fastened them together with a tiny brass nut and bolt. As always, the final step is a coat of archival wax to preserve the patina.

Both items are finished and photographed. If I can escape the peaches for an hour or two, maybe I can do the write-ups and get these into my shop for early Christmas shoppers.