Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Starting on a Custom Order

Drizzle here today — good for the gardens and also for getting to the bench. I laid out the measurements for a custom order ring the other day and today I took that information out to the shop.

Setting Up Parts on Bench Pin

I use the ruler and dividers to transfer straight-line measurements to silver sheet. The scribe lets me deepen the line the dividers make so I won't lose my way when I'm sawing. Jewelers call it piercing, but, really, it is sawing ;-)

In this photo, I have already cut the sterling strip to make the ring shank. The sorta square piece of silver has been marked for a square but still needs to be pierced.

This is the very first fabrication step. It will be followed by a great deal of work with files and sandpaper to true up the shapes, smooth and round the edges and erase any surface flaws. I will also stamp my mark on the inside of the shank at this stage — very hard to do that once the strip becomes a ring  :-)

I'll post more as I progress.