Friday, 26 September 2014

Fun for Friday

Fun, Cute and Slightly Creepy

That pretty much sums up what you will find when you cyber-wander into SammysJewels  <>.  This etsy shop features Kawaii jewelry, charms, hair accessories and more, all created with resins.

If you have never heard of Kawaii, I will let Sammy explain: "Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute. I am inspired by Japanese street fashion. Some of my favorite fashions are sweet lolita, fairy kei, and decora."
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some examples of Sammy's work .

So Darned Cute - Aplaca Love

This pastel alpaca sports a lavender bow and heart. The sweet charm is attached to a 20-inch matching plastic chain so you can wear it the moment it arrives in your mail box.

Fairy Kei Kawaii Alpaca - All Blue & Glitter

Fairy Kei is one of Japan's street fashions and draws on 1980s and 90s western toy lines like My Little Pony, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake among others.

No denying how adorable this little guy is.

Here Comes Halloween

Not all of Sammy's jewels are cute pastels. Sammy also has a dark side. Her Halloween-themed items show that off perfectly. To explore these accessories, visit >>

Wearable Cross Stitch - Dainty Accessories

Creating resin jewelry fulfills Sammy's creative impulses but it is a far from portable endeavor. Seeking something that can be done anywhere, Sammy took up cross stitch and now offers small cross stitch broochs you can wear. A tiny, multi-colored pin to highlight your outfit. Lovely.

The Handmade Forum

Like the other etsy artisans I have introduced you to, Sammy is a proud member of The Handmade Forum <>, a group dedicated to the ethos of all handmade. The forum grew out of concern that recent changes in etsy policy removed the emphasis on truly handmade creations. This is Sammy's badge.
 Do visit her fascinating shop and do support the handmade movement.