Sunday, 14 September 2014

September 14

Copper Crazy?

I have been having lots of fun with copper these days. The very reasonable cost means my Scottish blood is nor horrified by experiments even if they do not work out as I hoped. Before I go off to today's Creative Jewellers Guild meeting, I want to share a couple of my experiments here.

Rock On

This is a piece of jasper I picked up at the BC Gem Show in 2013. I loved the color and the pattern of faint fracture lines that run diagonally across the stone.

Last week, I finished two lengths of the woven copper I have been playing with. I knew the pair would work as two sides of a necklace but was uncertain of what to use as the centerpiece. Poked into my stash of stones and — voila — the perfect thing. The rock is so close to the color of the copper wire that you would think I bought it for this purpose! I still have to clean up the join on the left side -- some of the wire work end is showing! I think I will enjoy wearing this on dome of my fall shirts and sweaters.

Crazy, Right?

My other recent experiment is a bit far out. I have been working on shield shapes lately. Here, I was trying for a Zulu warrior's shield impression. I gave the copper a Raku treatment, including a very dried up laurel leaf in the mix of tree needles. Needing a cold connection to make this wearable, I took a length of copper wire, bent it to a zig-zag and filed slots top and bottom so I could secure it to the shield. At the top, the end of the wire is looped to hold a thong so this can be worn. It's sure not for everyone. The piece is about three inches long. Guess it might fit a real Zulu warrior!