Friday, 19 September 2014

September 19

Wet Weather Work

I freed up some time yesterday, so I returned to work on that custom order ring. The client likes this one in my etsy shop but needs a different size.

I posted the "Beginnings" here on September 17 — cutting out the ring shank and the "table" that will sit atop it.

With the elements cut out, I set about filing the edges and sanding them smooth.

Building the Table

Yesterday, I went to work on the hammered silver table of the ring. Lots of smoothing of edges came first.

Once the edges and surfaces have been worked with files and five grades of sandpaper, the table is ready for its
decorative treatment. The photo above shows the square on top of my jeweler's anvil (I keep it on that scrap of hardwood flooring to protect the top of my bench). Beside it is the ball peen hammer that produces the dimpled effect on the silver.

Left: the hammered silver ready to mount on the ring (which is the next part of this project. Stay tuned ;-)