Monday, 22 September 2014

Start to Fall

A Quick Tour of the etsy World

I am still visiting members of The Handmade Forum shops and have found a couple of really great ones lately.

Spell it Jewellery or Jewelry, It’s All Beautiful

Katie Joy’s Uniquely You Jewellery is based in the Netherlands (I do love the world-wide element of etsy) and makes wooden, decoupage, glass and metal jewellery (jewelry for my American friends).
I especially love her wooden bangles. These are two of my favorites. I cannot decide which I like best.

I really like the geometric pattern and the
contrast she achieved with the black and white one above (and I am a sucker for black and white) but there is something very appealing about that dramatic gold bangle. What attention that would draw if you placed it on your wrist.

And now for something completely different.

The other shop I have been wandering around is Debbie Flaherty’s etsy-emporium stocked with natural, organic skin care and beauty products. Drop by the About page on her shop to learn about her products and her devotion to all-natural ingredients.

Among Debbie’s oh-so-tempting products for women is this luscious lavender lip balm. What a great thing to tuck into someone’s Christmas stocking! Organic lavender essential oils, shea butter and aloe vera make this a perfect lip balm for the rough days of winter that lie ahead. Stock up, ladies.

And, speaking of gifts

Guys get gifted, too. Check out this great shaving soap. As Deb says, “once you’ve tried a handmade vegan shaving soap, you’ll never go back to those harmful canned shaving creams. 

“As a vegan shaving soap, its natural ingredients pamper his skin with moisturizing Cocoa and Shea butters and Coconut Oil, and the Bentonite clay gives a silky glide to his razor and hopefully will help prevent nicks and cuts.”

If you want to shop for the holidays, Deb's shop says she ships only to the USA from North Carolina (but I think it worth your while to convo her if you want to arrange to get some of this great stuff shipped to you elsewhere!).

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, rain has returned to celebrate the arrival of fall later today. I'm good with that. Our grass seed will get its water needs met by Mother Nature while I get back to my studio. I have some new designs to work up.